A New Season…A New Adventure

Coming to Outdoor Channel – July 2013

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  1. Hunter schrock says:

    just wanted to say thanks for all the great film. you have axcellent camera work. also cant wait for season six the trailer is increadable.
    keep up the good work

  2. JJSEOE says:

    Nice story line in the trailer. Inspiring. Makes we wanna buy the season DVD. :-)

  3. Season 6 trailer is amazing! You guys have set the bar for outdoor films. Nobody does it better! Keep doing what you do. Can’t wait for the new season!

  4. George Sadgebury says:

    My wife and I watch almost exclusively the Outdoor Channel and we want you to know that we think you have the very best show going. There have been shows when we have laughed and cried. You guys are the best and we are looking forward to a great season.

  5. jed says:

    Absolutely my favorite show by far. The camera work and editing really capture the passion and raw emotion you guys have for the bowhunting and outdoors. Looking forward to many more seasons.

  6. JPR says:

    Heartland Bowhunter caught my eye the very first time I saw it when flipping through my favorite stations. I was instantly impressed and could not stop watching. I have been watching hunting shows for 40 years and you guys have brought something unique to the table. Your views, scenes, and camera work are second to none!! Makes you feel like your part of the hunt. Thanks and keep them coming!

  7. paul perrone says:

    Love the show. You got it right, Its not just about the hunt but its also about the lifestyle and you guys nail it. The camera work is as creative as artwork and its head and shoulders above the rest. Keep up the good work.

  8. Lallee Yang says:

    There is no other hunting show that captures the “full experience” of bowhunting quite like Heartland Bowhunter. Everything from the camera work to the beautiful music, the hunts they are able to capture, the smiles, the wildlife, and the memories. A great bunch of guys, too. Very down to earth they seem. Crew: You guys show your hunts and seasons from a perspective that truly reflect the bowhunter’s appreciation for the land, the wildlife and the lifestyle. The absolute beauty of the show reminds me to take my time to appreciate my surroundings everytime I step out into the woods. Thanks for all your hard work in putting together fantastic show. Please keep it up for many seasons to come. We love it!!

  9. Barbara Winston says:

    Wish you’d say when it’s showing on television. Thanks BW

  10. Michael Hunsucker says:

    Barbara – It’s on our website. http://heartlandbowhunter.com/about/the-show/

  11. bob kupka says:

    your show captures all that hunting is about.It is a fresh change to all the boring shows out there.Keep up all the fantastic camera work and maybe I will catch up to your crew one day here in Alberta.Canadians love the show

  12. matt says:

    What camera’s are you using to shoot the show with? Unreal, keep it up!

  13. Michael Hunsucker says:

    Matt, we use a variety of different cameras to film the show, but mostly Sony Video cameras and Canon DSLRs.

  14. John Brandon says:

    What broadhead and draw weight did you use on your elk hunt congrats still looking for my first.

    • Michael Hunsucker says:

      NAP Killzone for both hunts. Shawn was shooting a 70lb insanity and Mike was shooting a 60lb Assassin.

  15. Joe N. says:

    I love your show!!! I have not been hunting for over 30 years and after getting my little one bow and then watching your show plus a few other you have re-ignited the Passion I knew as a kid growing up. I am so excited for this Sept when I finally hope to get a Deer.
    Thank You Very Much.

  16. Lewis H. says:

    What sights do yall have on your bows?

  17. Josh says:

    Absolutely love your show. Always been a big fan.

  18. Steve says:

    what intro music ( no vocals) is playing in the episode slick willy?

  19. Jeff Wilkinson says:

    Excellent show, hornsucker your a trip, I never seen a luckier guy hats off to ya. Keep up he good work, next show will be Wilks Whitetail Adventures……The Doctor is in the house Rage Hypodermic..

  20. Braden Evans says:

    Can someone please tell me what kind of arrow rest he is using that thing looks awesome!!!!!

  21. Braden Evans says:

    Thanks!!! I really approciate it

  22. John Merritt says:

    Absolutely love your work. The landscapes, the set up, the stalking, the editing, the music, your really capture the moments and create an amazing experience in each show. This has re-ignited my interest in bow hunting and encouraged me on to get my boys involved. I just wish we could get your series on Australian television.

  23. Brandon holt says:

    Can’t wait for season 6, you guys have a hell of a show your the only hunting show I watch I also love the music at the end of the show, just wish you could do some more hunting in KY, sure would love to see some hunting on TV from my home state but keep up the good work guys!!

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