Big and J Block Test

I just had the chance to try out one of Big and J’s new Block’s.  The block is intended to last longer than a bag.  It is geared towards the person that might not be able to get to their farm every week to put out their supplement/attractant.  I have a very high density of deer on the farm I put my block out on and it was gone after about 8 days.  A 40 pound bag would last no longer than 2 days here.  I am very pleased to see the deer not only love it but also to see how long it lasted!

Day 1

Day 2

Day 5

Day 7

Day 8

– Shawn

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9 Responses to Big and J Block Test

  1. sam schrick says:

    i d like to try a free trial!!!!!

  2. Shawn Luchtel says:

    C’mon Sam I thought I had you sold! Haha

  3. Looks great can’t wait to try it! The deer kill my BB2 I’d love to put this out at a few spots.

  4. Tim says:

    So much for lasting much more than a week! I need to find something similar to this though. The farm I have permission to hunt doesnt have any cover until after the crops are in full swing. Theres nothing but rabbits and coyotes there until then, but I think I could pull a few whitetails in from nearby properties with an attractant.

    Keep doing what youre doing guys. Lovin’ in!

  5. Shawn Luchtel says:

    Thanks Tim! Remember…I also have a very high density of deer on this farm so I wouldn’t have expected it to last much longer. A 40 pound bag is usually gone within 2 days. I would strongly recommend trying this “CUBE” out, once.

  6. Orlando says:

    I have a question? When you set out the bag or in this case the block, are you going to put a stand around there or do you use this area to scout your herd?

  7. Michael Hunsucker says:

    Orlando – We have camera sites both in places near where we have stands and in places where we simply are surveying the deer on our properties.

  8. James says:

    Are these blocks commercially available yet? I have used BB2 in Minnesota but it doesn’t last long and I’d like to try these!

  9. Pat Diecidue says:

    I started using BB2 last year and the deer on my farm became like drug addicts. But 3 bags a week for 10 or 12 weeks can put a crimp in your hunting budget. This block looks like it might be the ticket.

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